Featured Applications

    Torre Cuarzo, Mexico D.F, Mexico

    Seismic Friction Dampers provide the Torre Cuarzo with state of the art earthquake protection. Standing at 180m, the Torre Cuarzo uses more than 450 friction dampers manufactured and tested in our Montreal production facility.

    Alma Hospital

    The hospital in Alma was retrofitted using seismic friction dampers which allow the building to remain fully operational in the event of a major temblor.
    Photos courtesy of CIUSSS du Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    CHUS Fleurimont, Sherbrooke, Canada

    The hospital in Sherbrooke was retrofitted using seismic friction dampers. The project is being done in stages in order to minimize the impact on the hospital’s operations.
    Photos courtesy of CHUS Fleurimont, Sherbrooke

     Florencia Hospital, Caqueta, Colombia

    In one of Colombia’s highest risk regions friction dampers have quickly become one of the technologies of choice to protect key infrastructure. The florecia hospital is located in a remote region where material availability is challenging and interventions must be done quickly as the hospital is a critical element of local services.

     Valle de Lili, Cali, Colombia

     Friction Dampers allowed for rapid installation of damped braces which was essential given the quick turn arounds required by the hospital. Surgery rooms were retrofitted and quickly back up and running serving patients and saving lives.

    Legacy Applications

    Quaketek has a long history of manufacturing excellence stemming from our founder’s innovations and dedication to quality. Such is our commitment to quality and faith in the technology, that buildings containing Dampers built by Mechtronix (a partial list is cited below) are potentially eligible for Quaketek’s extended manufacturer warranty. Please contact us for more details on how to apply for the extended warranty.

    Eaton Center mall, Montreal
    Carrefour Laval mall, Laval
    Sports Experts store, Laval
    Wilkes Bashford Hotel, Palo Alto
    L’Ecole de Technologie Superieure de Montreal
    EV Building, Concordia University, Montreal
    John Molson School of Business, Montreal
    Canadian Space Agency, St Hubert
    Provincial Police Headquarters, Montreal
    Canadian Embassy, Beijing
    Candian Department of Justice Head Quarters, Ottawa
    Canadian Embassy, Tehran
    Monterrey Government Building
    Federal Electronics Research Building, Ottawa
    Centrale 911 Building, Quebec
    Longueuil Police Station
    Canadian Space Agency facilities, Montreal
    Ottawa Support Center
    Sir F Banting research center, Ottawa
    Canadian Embassy, Islamabad

    Saint-Hyacinthe Hospital
    St Luc Hospital, Montreal
    Sharp Memorial Ambulatory Care Center, San Diego
    St Vincent Hospital, Ottawa
    Hospital St-Justin, Montreal
    Jewish General Hospital, Montreal
    St Joseph Medical Center, Tacoma
    Hospital Tunal, Bogota
    Jewish General Hospital, Montreal
    Hospital Fray Bartolome de las Casas, Bogota
    Montreal General Hospital
    Hospital San Vicente de Paul, Medellin
    Mental Health Institute, Quebec
    Hospital Valle del Lili, Cali
    Hospital San Juan de Dios, Armenia
    Sherbrooke Hospital
    Rivière du Loup Hospital
    Alma Hospital

    Alaska Airlines Hangar, Renton
    Boeing industrial facility, Everett
    Boeing Industrial facility, Renton
    Singer industrial facility, St-Jean sur Richelieu
    EDATEL facility, Medellin
    Casino de Montreal
    Palais Des Congres, Montreal
    Torre Cuarzo buiding, Mexico city
    Le Nouvelle Europa condominium, Montreal
    Les Jardins Westmount condominium, Montreal
    Sacramento Reservoir, Elevated Water Tank
    Renton Highlands Reservoir, Elevated Water Tank
    Rolling Hills Reservoir, Elevated Water Tank